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Two Crops One Acre

Shropshire Sheep are the perfect supplementary income for anyone growing trees of any kind.  Well-managed plantation can double its yield per acre with the introduction of a Shropshire Sheep flock. As well as producing high quality lambs from grass, as well as robust rams with good conformation for breeding stock, sheep can be used as a natural herbicide, in the cost-effective and eco-friendly management of plantations. Studies have shown that Shropshire Sheep can increase the yield per hector of plantations by up to €500 per year.

The breed is prolific; the Blackstairs Flock have consistently produced lambing returns of up to 180% each year.

Its wool is fine with a pleasantly soft handle and is almost free from kemp and grey or black fibres. There is considerable demand for Shropshire wool in Japan for filling futons.

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