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The Shropshire breed was developed specifically to produce butchers' lambs with good carcass conformation and excellent eating quality. Modern Shropshire’s can be used for prime lamb production, but also make excellent terminal sires, when crossed with commercial ewes.

While the commercial farmer supplying the supermarket trade opts for fast growing, lean continental breeds, the Shropshire's comeback is all about traditional values. It performs well as the figures below confirm. But where it scores best, is in providing an eating quality for which so many people yearn. 

Typically, lambs are ready for slaughter at 4-6 months old weighing 42 - 45kgs, providing carcasses of between 19 -  22kgs.  Grades are usually U and R 3L and 3H. 

The Shropshire is an ideal breed for the independent butcher as is it easily seen to be different than the product found in the supermarket. It is sought after by chefs as it serves to impress their food customers.

We are happy to provide individual lambs direct to butchers who would like to try the quality for themselves.

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